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Commit to Love – Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation – SHEILA

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The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation ( approached us with a problem – they needed help reaching out to the Hispanic, Asian-American and African-American communities to help get them more involved in breast cancer research. It turns out that those three groups of women are not as well represented in the research studies as others, and as a result, it creates additional challenges for that community and the doctors that treat them.

So we invited 3 different women, all with breast cancer, from their respective communities to tell a personal story and offer a personal plea to help get more women involved in research studies. In one emotional afternoon, we captured their stories and set about editing them down into bite-sized chunks.

All four videos were very well received by the Foundation and are set to launch with this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Drive (October 2017). We are hoping these short videos play an outsized role in the spreading of awareness of the disease and helping the respective communities become more fully engaged in helping doctors and other researchers eliminate breast cancer in our lifetime.

Production Company: Rip Media Group
Client: Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
Executive Producer: Maury Rogow
Creative Producer: Barry Silver


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