Community collects clothes, shelter, and blankets for the homeless ahead of freezing cold temperatures


“A lot of people don’t realize that some folks have become homeless through no fault of their own,” volunteer Susana Segura said.

SAN ANTONIO — Temperatures are dropping and the need for warmth is rising.

“A lot of people don’t realize is that some folks have become homeless through no fault of their own,” volunteer Susana Segura said.

The Autonomous Brown Berets, with the help of many other community organizations and volunteers like the San Antonio Texas Party for Socialism and Liberation, Be the Change Texas, and About Face Veterans Against the War, met at the Esparanza Justice Center to collect tents, blankets, and clothes to give to those who have gone without.

“Any kind of warmth, any kind of shelter from the rain, shelter from the cold, any kind of food we can provide is a tremendous help to them,” volunteer Marz said.

Volunteer Mono Aguilar’s father passed away this year, and he’s now donating some of his clothes to help.

“The people that are homeless right now are facing way worse than we ever face especially if their tents are getting stolen or destroyed by the city. Sometimes that little piece of tarp is all that stands between life and death,” Aguilar said.

After the City of San Antonio swept away some homeless camps around the city, many homeless people are left without a lot of basic necessities.

“There are people hungry, there are people who are cold, there are people freezing, there are people exposed to the elements who need help right now,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar says he’s looking past his own needs, to serve the needs of others, and by Sunday night the clothes donated will be one the backs of those who need them most.

“People like us need to come and help them out on an individual one on one basis,” Aguilar said.

“If the community would pull together and continue to take care of each other, then we can get through those issue,” Marz said.

For more information on how to help, head over to one of the participating organization’s Facebook page.


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