Community Partnership Schools way through COVID-19 and into the future

When COVID-19 catapulted students into remote learning overnight, our kids lost more than an in-person learning experience. Children in frightening, unstable home environments lost precious hours of safety and certainty, and positive relationships with peers, teachers, principals and bus drivers.

Students struggling with anxiety, depression or a host of other mental health issues lost comfort, progress and hope as their consistent school-based counseling sessions fell by the wayside.

And children living in extreme poverty – many of whom are homeless, sleeping in motels or tents – lost access to convenient and accessible health care, dental and vision care, and warm, nutritious meals and clothing closets.

That’s not even touching upon the academic losses for these students. The “digital divide” is real – especially when compounded by significant social stressors and the fact that many students can’t even log in regularly to learn; this breeds an atmosphere where they cannot succeed.

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