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Community rallies to help homeless man before bitter winter


The Dakota County community is coming together to help a homeless man find shelter before winter.

WEST ST PAUL, Minn. — A warm smile and a grateful soul. That’s what neighbors living near South Robert Street in Dakota County are used to seeing from a man named Larry and his dog Lebowski.

“He’s charming, he is so charming,” said Mendota Heights resident, Kate Douglas. “West Saint Paul, Inver Grove Heights, this community has just wrapped their arms around him,” she said.

Kate Douglas didn’t just stand by and watch as day to day, Larry would hit the streets with a sign in hand, asking for a little help to get by. 

“Last week when I stopped, I said come on Larry what do you need, tell me what you really need,” she said. “He said money so I can have a place to stay and it was a friend’s garage – $50 rent and $25 for heat and gas,” she added.

As the nights grew colder and the days grew shorter, Douglas wanted to take matters into her own hands to help find a forever home for Larry and his dog. She decided to start a GoFundMe raising money to assist with shelter, and temporary needs to get Larry and his dog through the winter.

“This is Minnesota, we shouldn’t have homeless people in Minnesota, it’s too cold,” she said.

Douglas says while everyone has a past, she’s looking toward helping Larry and his dog secure a future. “It’s not just, ‘I can’t help myself,’ it’s I need a little help so I can help myself,” she said. “He’s looking for work, so if anyone knows of anything that would be great.” 

Along with a neighborhood coming together, with kindness in their hearts to help one of their own during the cold winter months.

“I can’t save hundreds, but I can help one,” says Douglas.

Access the GoFundMe by clicking here.


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