CoronaVirus – Investigate The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation. Pleiadian Message. Naughty Beaver

Shocking revelations about the Coronavirus, on behalf of the Taygetan Pleiadians via Cosmic Agency. The show starts off with new Reptilian UFO footage and how I can prove it’s 100% legit. Know your enemy! They have fingered the head of it all and have actually revealed what the world thought the disease was, versus what it really it. The results will blow your mind! They have inspected things within China and gave Cosmic Agency their direct preliminary findings. Do not miss this show! This is an incredibly empowering message when you see what’s really taking place. It all links back to the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation.
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Source video used Cosmic Agency – Corona Virus – Taygetean Pleiadian Findings: Threat or Hoax? (Extraterrestrial Message) –
As well in the documentary
5G Technology and Artificial Intelligence – Warning from Extraterrestrial Pleiadian (Taygeta) –
Reptilian Matrix Hack and Mind Control: Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (10) –


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