Covid-19: Webinar – Insurance Risk Management for Churches and Charities

In response to the recent update from the government, we, along with Kingdom Bank, hosted a webinar on Thursday 21st May at 1pm, covering the topic of ‘Insurance Risk Management for Churches and Charities’.

Our panellists include:
Chris Sheldon, CEO at Kingdom Bank
Barry Walker, Head of insurance at Kingdom Bank
Chris Perkins, Head of Church and Charity Lending
James Manning, Head of Underwriting at Ansvar Insurance
Resources referenced during webinar can be found on our website:

* This webinar was recorded on 21st May 2020. All the information and advice shared was relevant to the challenges being faced during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please ensure you check this advice is in line with current government advice. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this recording, Stewardship cannot be responsible for action taken or refrained from in reliance thereon. It is recommended that appropriate professional advice be sought in each relevant individual circumstance


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