Creating A Poor Man Food Plot For Better Deer Hunting – Start To Finish

Thinking of creating a food plot on your hunting property this offseason but you don’t have the big equipment like the guys on TV? Don’t worry because that is NOT a problem and in this video we show you how to create a poor man food plot for your hunting property.

These smaller food plots have many names, micro plots, pass through plots, staging plots, kill plots, and really they are all referring to the same type of food source. It’s a food plot that the deer on your property feel comfortable coming to and feeding in during daylight hours.

The location of this food source should be located in between the bedding area and the destination food source and I try not to make these plots much larger than 1/4 of an acre in size. Because of the smaller area being planted for the whitetails we need to make sure we are planting a very browse tolerant variety of seed. I personally really like to plant clover and cereal rye for the first two seasons as I work on weed control, as there are a few herbicides that are friendly to clover. Once I feel the weeds aren’t terrible, I mix in perennial chicory into the clover stand and the deer LOVE it!

These smaller plots offer you the hunter a safer place to target deer as well as the whitetails will likely stop in your poor man plot and then continue on to their destination food source, giving you an opportunity to get down from the stand / blind.


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