Cut invisible cords ! Cut Attachments! Spell Chant!

Cut invisible cords that still linger! Can’t get over a relationship? Toxic people in your environment? Unseen negative energy? ⚔️

⚔️You may call upon archangel Michael if you are weak. He will assist you in cutting these cords that keep us attached to toxic people, places, and situations. If you are strong, you can say this chant alone.⚔️

⚔️ Person – visualize, cut cords above your head and below your feet. Cut cords to the right, cut cords to the left. Last, cut around in a circle! ⚔️

⚔️ If this is an ex-lover, visualize a dark red thick cord, connecting from your heart to theirs. With all your might! Cut this cord in half. Visualize the person floating away. Being sucked into another dimension. ⚔️

⚔️Words To Chant⚔️

I release the ties that bind
I leave them all behind
Toxic energy you are free
I have peace of mind
Cut above cut below
Cut around in a circle like so
Ties that bind, I am free
This is my wish, so mote it be.

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