Dane RE Philanthropy: Chef Pedro of the New York City Rescue Mission (Drug Addiction & Inspiration)

Dane RE interviewed Chef Pedro to hear his struggle of drug addiction ending with Dane RE giving Chef Pedro a makeover at Rothmans. He left with a new tailored suit…and leaves us, the audience, with new ‘hope’ for today, for ourselves.

In this video you will hear Chef Pedro’s story of drug addiction, inspiration, and empowerment. He starts off noting that with ‘one injection he could not be here’ leaving the audience with the notes that with sobriety one should ‘Buckle Up. You are in for the ride of your life’. A story of over 20 years of drug addiction to now ten years sober. His words full of hope and inspiration for others who may be in similar life journeys. Truly a remarkable man with a remarkable story to be shared.

Producer/Editing: Heidi Burkhart, President of Dane RE;
Videography/Editing: Batchelor Visions
Travel/Day Coordinator: Ricci Maggette, Marketing Assistant of Dane RE

Organizations involved: New York City Rescue Mission


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