Development, background & method of the Orange House shelter model 菊屋取徑、從安置被害者於隱密處到開放環境中的系統性處遇

Claire Loeber, Social Worker, Orange House, Amsterdam, Blijf Groep, the Netherlands, presents the keynote on Day 2 of the Asian Conference of Women’s Shelters 2017, held in Taipei on August 28-30 on the theme of “Continental shifts in shelter management: Cross-regional dialogue on transforming women’s shelters”.

The event brought together shelter heads, domestic violence professionals and community partners from over a dozen Asian countries and many more organizations.

Held in the context of a discussion on shelter transformation in Taiwan and other countries in Asia, experts from Europe were invited to share innovative models of shelter management and combating domestic violence.

These ideas were developed in panel discussions with interactions from the audience, to bring out new ideas and solutions to improve the services for survivors of violence across Asia.

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