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Diani Beach Kenya(8)

Eric Barayanka an African Child from Burundi married and living in Antwerp Belgium since he was seven, since we met five years ago In a project to help the African child in Belgium, he has really touched me for his desire to give back to Africa. Along side a wonderful friend Saxophone Luke, he is been performing in lots of charity concerts around the world.
Right now and always when in Kenya, they join me in the course which gives us both joy and satisfaction. Yesterday they joined a super Kenyan female singer Lady Lioness ( Catherine Wekesa) on our ACOUSTICS & COCKTAILS BEACH BAR at KIM4LOVE BEACH.
I’m greatful for the chance to work with this wonderful people.
Catch up with Lady Lioness on Saturday 4 PM for another ACOUSTICS & COCKTAILS Sundowner. .


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