You are currently viewing Dire Straits — The Last Swing — 1992-OCT-09 — Zaragoza [AUDIO ONLY]

Dire Straits — The Last Swing — 1992-OCT-09 — Zaragoza [AUDIO ONLY]

01. Calling Elvis [0:00:00]
02. Walk of life [0:11:53]
03. Heavy fuel [0:17:39]
04. Romeo and Juliet [0:22:59]
05. The bug [0:32:47]
06. Private investigations [0:38:02]
07. Sultans of swing [0:47:21]
08. Improvisation [0:59:29]
09. Oe, Oe [1:00:19]
10. Your latest trick [1:01:59]
11. On every street [1:08:18]
12. Two young lovers [1:15:31]
13. Telegraph road [1:20:37]
14. Money for nothing [1:36:05]
15. Brothers in arms [1:43:56]
16. Solid rock [1:53:36]
17. Mark Knopfler saying goodbye & thanking the crew [1:59:42]
18. Wild theme (Local Hero) [2:00:25]
19. Always look on the bright side of life [2:05:33]
Dire Straits
Estadio de la Romareda, Zaragoza, Spain
9th October 1992
The last concert of the On every street world tour 1991-1992. The last Dire Straits concert ever? At least it is the last official concert they did up to this date. That is, if you forget the four charity concerts in July 2002 which sort of had a Dire Straits set (with John Illsley and Chris White). Rare improvisation followed by a nice performance of Oe Oe. The sound quality of the songs until Brothers in arms is pretty nice, the rest of the songs are of less good quality (taken from video). Complete concert.
The Band:
Mark Knopfler (guitar, vocals),
John Illsley (bass),
Guy Fletcher (keyboards),
Alan Clark (keyboards),
Chris White (saxophone),
Paul Franklin (pedal steel guitar),
Danny Cummings (percussion),
Phil Palmer (guitar),
Chris Whitten (drums).


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