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Distribution of food to poor families +93781668760

0:10 Aslam-u-Alikum WarahmatUllah Wabarakatuhu
1:00 If you see around all of them are widows who have just small children in their houses
1:23 This mother since she came here she is weeping
1:33 Mother why you are weeping
1:38 Son, my three sons were martyred in one day
1:44 my husband has died also, three widows are at home and their children. They are asking for food, dress but I don’t have anything.
2:05 My eyes sight is decreasing day by day and is not allowing me to go anywhere, before that I used to clean the water-mill and earn the livelihood for my family members, but now when I comes out I tumble and fall down due to low eyesight
2:30 please wipe your tears, mother how is the Ramdan going
2:38 sitting at house, only to sake of God. Yesterday night when doing “Suhoor” we have nothing, only green tea that is also without sugar
2:45 My brothers, we have always a various type of food items in “Suhoor” and “Iftar”, but my widow mother have just only with bread and tea. Such a regrettable moment my Muslim brothers!!!
4:00 Mother! How is the life going?
4:10 Weeping, my son who was in the military for 6 years, martyred nine months ago. I used to work in different houses of other just to earn some livelihood for the orphans. Now we are in the sake of others, if someone sent anything we eat otherwise not.
4:32 give me his picture
4:34 MashaAllah a beautiful human having a handsome face. But now he is not with us in this world. Today my mother is in need of our assistance
5:12 don’t cry my mother. Pray to God whatever the circumstances maybe
5:20 Mother! From where you come from how is the Ramadan going?
5:35 my beloved brother! Tired of life, no one is here to help us… weeping!
6:03 In this Ramdan, each and every day going to wash the cloths of others
6:40 My Allah give success and happy life in this and afterward
6:50 You called the widows and orphans in this holy month to help them, May Allah reward you
7:10 whom voice I could share with you my brothers! All of them are widows and have a grief full stories of their life
7:35 My dame mother is also here to have some food for their iftar
8:10 I am the mother of seven children, whose father has died more than a decades ago, I look after them and admitted my two sons in school, but having no one to look after
8:25 they left the school, get married having four children but now he is addicted to drugs
8:38 swipe your tears my mother
9:15 there is no one to look after them, they don’t have food to eat, clothes to wear
9:25 it is better to die having such a pathetic situation, don’t know what to do, I m lost
10:15 respected people! And especially to those who are dealing in drugs, you will be answerable for you each and every doings
10:20 my mother is here to gather charity for their family members, because her two sons are drug addicted, be scared of the wrath of Allah
10:45 please share this video with your friends and have in equal part in this good deeds…

که غواری چې عطا خیریه بنسټ سره مرسته وکری
اگر بخواهید با عطا خيريه بنسټ کمک کنید
اگراپ چاھتےھیں کہ عطا ویلفیر پاونڈیشن کی ساتھ مدد کرے
للمساعدة في مؤسسة عطا الخيرية
To help with Atta Welfare Foundation.

Bank account details are bellow
Beneficiary: Atta Welfare Foundation USD acct
Bank name: Afghanistan international bank (AIB)
Account Number: 0043112043257101

WhatsApp number is: 0093781668760

Atta welfare foundation in Jalalabad Afghanistan helps with orphans children and widows in terms of food and education since 2016.


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