Dodge County, Wisconsin, strip club owner sentenced to prison time


A former owner of a strip club in Clyman — where he was also village president — was sentenced to two years in federal prison for enabling sex traffickers to operate from the club, called The Hardware Store.

The former village president of Clyman, in Dodge County, was sentenced Monday to two years in prison for using his former strip club, The Hardware Store, to promote prostitution.

Michael Siegel “did not personally assault or extort the dancers at his club, nor was he the one who first lured them into the commercial sex industry,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo. 

“But he chose to associate with those who did, and he welcomed them into his business because those associations were profitable for him,” thereby facilitating the trafficking of “untold numbers” of women who did sex acts for money at the club from 2010 to 2018.

The operation blew up in late 2018 when one of the pimps who worked with Hardware Store staff, Christopher Childs, 47, was charged with sex trafficking and related counts in federal court. He pleaded guilty to a single count in October 2019 and was sentenced last month to 27 years in prison.


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