Don’t Give to Charities, Give to David E Taylor

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I do not own the clips used of “Apostle David E Taylor or the staff of JMMI Ministries International” used for this video. The clips are being used under fair use act of 1976 to educate my audience on the subject of cults.

Many of the clips I post of on my channel are from the youtube channel “Miracles in America”.

Credit: “Miracles in America”

If you are part of JMMI and the ministry of Apostle David E Taylor, please educate yourself on the subject of cults. At the very least, you would be learning about the topic, even if you disagree that JMMI is a cult. If you find yourself in a corner and don’t know how to even initiate freedom from David and JMMI, there are charities that can help you financially and psychologically to start a new life. I really hope and pray you and many others find a way out of David’s ministry very, very soon!

Financial assistance to escape a cult:

No one should ever hit or verbally assault you for asking a question or doing research.

Regarding the Deposition: David claims the deposition video was altered and edited; here is the link to the legal document of the written transcript of the full deposition. There was no video editing at all. It’s the exact same words from the video.

Check out this link to see scriptures that have guided me on this path of making videos about David. Scripture encourages us to expose false teachers. I believe with my whole heart that David is a false teacher.

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