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There are millions of poor people in the world. What is our responsibility towards them? Should we help them? How can we help them?
My responsibility is to help poor people, because many people don’t have enough food and clothes. In the world there are many problems with war, religion, and different types of criminality. So most of the poor people face these types of problems. So we should help them! If I have clothes, I could give it to them, if I have food, I could give it to them. If you have more money, give it to poor people and if you know ill people you could help at the hospital or buy medicines. If you help poor people, God will help you! Please help poor people!
It’s important not to be selfish. Yes, we must help the poor people. We must think that even we could be in the same situation as them one day. We can help them through organizations like FN, we could donate money so they can feed the poor people. We can also donate clothes etc. It’s important to help each other, every country’s economy is affected by the other countries around.

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