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Dothan Tech students completing shower trailer for the homeless community


DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – A shower trailer for those living a homeless lifestyle has always been abwish of The Harbor Ministry.

“However the price tag of brand new just buy it off rack trailer is considerable,” says The Harbor’s executive director Kody Kirchoff.

They partnered with Grandview Baptist Church in 2018 but Hurricane Michael and the pandemic caused the project to fall behind.

“Another fellow member church works out here at Dothan Technology Center and he said hey the kids out here the construction kids would love help with it,” says Grandview Baptist Church member Tommy Starling.

Adding another partner to the Showers of Blessings project.

“It’s just been a blessing at how much my students get to do here with all of this. It’s more on the job training, getting them ready for the workforce and all of that and it just fits right into my program,” says DTC’s building construction instructor Bob Griggs.

Plumbing, framing, lighting, installing are all being completed by students.

Building construction students will be doing most of the labor but every department will be getting involved. Graphic design students will be providing toiletries like soap and shampoo, welding students will build a staircase and graphic design students will create a logo to go on the trailer.

“Honestly we’re learning a lot of skills for life which I didn’t think would happen in a building class we’re learning about communication more than I thought we would,” says DTC junior Bailey Hall.

“I thought we were just going to come in here really just learn a lot about tools and build some stuff but I mean we’re doing all of that and helping the community. It’s actually an awesome experience,” says DTC sophomore Stokes Hallford.

Once complete, when The Harbor worships with and serves the homeless community, they will be able to provide more showers for more people in less time.

“They have a line lining up of people coming in and signing up just to use the showers that they have at the church but with this right here they’ll be able to double that to where we’re usually rushing people to get through the showers they’ll be able to do four times as many,” says Starling.

They’ll also be able to take the trailer to those in need who do not have transportation.

“This just offers hope. It offers love and it’s going to impact us greatly,” says Kirchoff.

The project has become a community service for several career technology student organizations including FBLA.

DTC hopes to have the trailer completed by December 22nd.

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