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Giving food to the poor people of the villages of Bangladesh is a vastly talked but hardly taken actions topic. But still there are people who love to work for the poor people, like to give food to the poor people to survive and love to make the poor people smile. MR. JAHIR A ABBAS is such a man who has been trying his best, and already devoted himself to help the helpless, to support the poor, and to give poor people food and at the same time a reason for living their life.
Grameen Kitchen BD, the youtube channel that Mr. Jahir A Abbas runs to help the poor people, is such a platform through which Mr. Jahir reaches the core of the downtrodden society and spreads his helping hands to the poor people and give poor people food and reasons for living by collecting donations from people like you who really want to help the poor but can not actually execute the wish due to the hard and fast, super busy lifestyle. Jahir A Abbas, the Director of Grameen Kitchen BD, along with his team, set a goal to feed the poor people of every rural area of Bangladesh with the help of the elite class. Hence he has been roaming through the rural poverty stricken villages of Bangladesh and trying to make them happy at least for a day by feeding the poor people of those areas.
Feeding the poor people with chicken biriyani has been certainly one of the best initiatives, Mr. Jahir A Abbas has ever taken to feed the poor people, help the poor, help the helpless since local of this area can hardly afford eating chicken biryani.
Team Grameen Kitchen BD has made the episode outstanding by making a super festive occasion in the poverty stricken village during the cooking of chicken biryani. The locals of this village had at least a day of happiness just because of the donations of some bighearted persons and of course the hard work of Team Grameen Kitchen BD.
Jahir A Abbas and his Team Grameen Kitchen BD have been working for making the poor people happy and at the same time, make the elite class involve in this sort of Charity work to give poor people food for a month, to help the helpless, to support the homeless and to make the poor people smile.
So if you are person who likes to do something for the poor people of our country, if you want to take responsibility of at least one family for life time/ a year/ a month/ a day, you can join Team Grameen Kitchen BD by donating money, sponsoring a video or a whole episode and of Course, by subscribing to Grameen kitchen BD.
Note: Team Grameen Kitchen BD is now looking forward to helping the poor students with money and other necessities to continue their study and become an asset of our beloved Motherland Bangladesh.
Note: Mr. Jahir A Abbas has been working so hard to build an old age home and a Foundation for the Early Widowed Women, so if you are also a humanitarian, please come forward and help MR. Abbas make his dream come true and help the poor, helpless and support-less people of our beloved motherland Bangladesh.

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