Egerton Uni., Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partner to combat contamination

Drought and famine have always presented a major threat to the country’s food security, but top of the list of threats is aflatoxin. Dr. Meshack Obonyo a Senior lecturer at the department of Bio-Chemistry and molecular biology at Egerton University who is in charge of the project, says Aflaxotin was a serious threat to food security in kenya.

He added that the consumption of contaminated maize presents serious health conditions such as liver damage, stunted growth and depressed immunity and chronic cases such as cancer.

However, he said the scenario in Kenya was complicated by the inability of the government to enforce similar regulations among small-scale farmers and maize handlers who continue to produce and circulate contaminated maize. giving an example of Nakuru town, he said all the cereal shops in the town were tested and found to have 40 per cent levels of Aflaxotin contamination, which is dangerous to human health.


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