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Eight dimensions of wise design that could change everything | Kiko Suarez | TEDxIndianapolis

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. The world is changing fast and we live in turbulent times, accelerated by the speed of technological change and rampant complexity. It seems like society has chosen to walk the Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom hierarchy in reverse, in search for answers in a sea of big data. Revolutions and recessions have caused analysts and policymakers to accept a “new normal” where many suffer the consequences of increasingly more difficult conditions of living. Bringing wisdom back to the center of our societal development, by focusing on 8 wisdom-centered design principles, could result in a better redefinition of our human condition and structures of living.

Dr. Juan “Kiko” Suarez (Indianapolis, IN USA) is a global citizen. Currently a permanent resident in the US, he was born in Spain and has a unique blend of international experience in marketing and communications, corporate responsibility and information technology in Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurial startups, and strategic philanthropy.

Due to his passion for education and creating shared value, Juan, who likes to be addressed as Kiko, is now Vice President of Communications and Innovation for Lumina Foundation, which seeks to raise the percentage of Americans with quality post-secondary credentials to 60%. Suarez has a doctoral degree in Leadership and Change. His dissertation was on the role of wisdom in organizations and innovation processes.

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