You are currently viewing EJ is 18. He told me he has been homeless for 11 years.

EJ is 18. He told me he has been homeless for 11 years.

***Your #1 Request! EJ’s UPDATE! No Longer HOMELESS!

“On the streets, you don’t wish for things. You just wait for them to happen. Because you cannot control really anything”, EJ responded trying to think of a second and third wish.

EJ is homeless in Hollywood. He is 18, and when he told me he has been homeless for 11 years, I could not even comprehend to do the math. (I’m a drummer and drummers can’t count past 4 anyway)

I cannot even imagine being on the streets at such a young age. I once interviewed a kid in Wichita homeless at 5 years old I know how horrible my first day homeless was as an adult, so my heart breaks thinking about what these kids must have done through. But to them, the streets were better than the abuse they were going through.

We will never end homelessness until we can fix families!

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Today is Sergei’s 18th birthday. It is also his first day homeless!

Young Homeless Girl Living on the Streets of New York City.

Homeless at 9. Abused at 11. Is this Venice Beach Man’s homelessness by choice?

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