Ellen Dorsey – Trump, philanthropy and climate change

Ellen Dorsey is the Executive Director of the Wallace Global Fund, a private foundation focused on progressive social change in the fields of environment, democracy, human rights and corporate accountability. It was set up by Henry A. Wallace, a former visionary vice President of the United States who championed what he called the ‘common man’ in the struggle to prevent financial elites attempts to control politics and the planet’s resources.

Wallace once said the following words: “I am committed and do renounce the support of those who practice hate and preach prejudice; of those who would limit the civil rights of others; of those who would restrict the use of the ballot.” 

The world needs this type of leadership more than ever and as you’ll hear now, Ellen is a worthy torchbearer of Wallace’s legacy. A former political science professor, she is a leading campaigner in the movement for divestment from fossil fuels and has helped steer over 155 foundations to divest from coal, oil and gas. She previously worked for Amnesty International and at one stage was Chairperson of Amnesty International USA. She also served on the board of Greenpeace USA and various other leading progressive organisations. Based in Washington DC, Ellen is a powerful voice of hope and justice and I found her take on politics, philanthropy and people power to be refreshing and uplifting. I hope you enjoy this interview with Ellen Dorsey.


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