Episode 19: Dr Ruth Knight — Philanthropy, Social Enterprise & the Future of Nonprofits

Dr Ruth Knight works with QUT’s Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies. She researches the beliefs and behaviours that influence organisational culture and improve individual, team and organisational performance. 

Inspired by decades of experience working in health, homelessness and community development for which she was awarded a Centenary Medal in recognition of her career dedicated to social change, her work now focuses on social innovation and social enterprise, nonprofit leadership and impact measurement. Ruth is renowned for being a facilitator that uses fun experiential learning to inspire people to create great places to live and work.

In this episode we step back in time when she was a young 18 year old, who barely graduated high school, but had a dream to travel to India and serve at Mother Teresa’s House of the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata.

We then explore her work as a clinical nurse who worked in both community work and social youth work for 25 years, before moving into training and consultancy work on the heels of her doctoral research in the philanthropic area.

I thoroughly enjoyed unpacking her new found passion for Social Enterprise and Social Innovation within the nonprofit industry. As a result, Ruth is now in the final stages of launching an undergraduate degree on Social Enterprise through QUT’s Business School, just one of the many plates she has spinning in her inspiring life.

To learn more about her work with QUT, visit The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies. You can also participate in her regular live online conversations about all things social enterprise and nonprofit at her Tea and Buns link & check out her YouTube channel for access to some of her engaging resources, lectures and interviews.

You can reach out to her by email at ruth.knight@qut.edu.au or follow her on Twitter & LinkedIn.

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