Episode 21The Invisible Wounds of Abuse


Welcome to episode 21 this is a hard one for me, and I am late recording and posting it, this is not just about the original wound it is about a woman who lost her life due to domestic violence. I received a message last week from one of my group members who shared a link telling me it was in the news where they live, Carissa Odegaard was another group member and had lost her life and the trauma had happened in front of her children in this episode I want to talk about trauma and the strength Carissa shared. 
UK | Women’s Aid –
USA | Domestic Shelters –
AFRICA | National Shelter Movement –
ASIA | Asians Women’s Shelter –
Learn how to have honest conversations with yourself | Course it stops here it stops now.  

Incorporate Grounding into you healing –
and incorporate breathing exercises | Beat Rumination –


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