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“Ruby” is the first single from Eric Nally’s upcoming debut EP. The video was co-directed by Eric Nally and Jaako Manninen and stars Eric Nally and the song’s producer Pom Pom.

Ruby dances like the rain a she shines like paradise
Softer than the summer breeze in Mexico
She ran away from yesterday with fire in her eyes
You wanna know her but you never really know

Ruby dances like rain walks like dynamite
I see her colors lighting up to steel the show
Her daddy blame her mothers pain stay locked behind her eyes
You think you know but you never really know

I hear you name when the night comes calling
Don’t know how you’d ever love with a fear of falling

Met her playing at a bar sipping on some cherry wine
She stole my heart to the sound of rolling stones
Said i know a place a sweet escape
Theres diamonds in the sky
Woke up to fine she was already long gone

I hear you name when the night comes calling
Don’t know how you’d ever love with a fear of falling


Artist Bio:
Eric Nally has spent the past decade plus playing a pivotal role in the revitalization of theatrical rock and roll with Foxy Shazam. Here he developed a well-earned reputation as one of the most electric frontmen in popular music; leading the band from small clubs to arena tours alongside Slash, The Darkness and Panic At The Disco.

A consummate performer with a singular lifelong goal of building a meaningful career as an artist, Eric was undeterred by Foxy Shazam’s decision to go on indefinite hiatus in 2014. He viewed it not as an endpoint, but as a chance to pivot to the next step in his creative journey. In 2016, Eric would re-emerge to sing the hook on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ smash hit “Downtown” along Hip Hop luminaries Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz and Kool Moe Dee. This marked the first time Eric would appear as an artist away from Foxy Shazam and set the stage for a transition into his solo career the following year.

On his 2017 debut we see Eric take full control of the songwriting process for the first time. We also get a look at just how diverse of an artist he is. Eric has been hands-on with every aspect of the project from co-directing videos to a deep involvement in the curation of the artwork and overall aesthetic of the release. In short, his debut is a story-driven multimedia project as opposed to just a record.

On July 9th, premiered “Ruby”; the first new music from the EP. This date was specifically picked to correlate with the month’s full moon; a theme that will play into the overall story of the release. On the Pom Pom produced single, Eric maintains the exuberance that made Foxy Shazam so special while taking a bold step forward artistically. As Eric points out about “Ruby”, it is best viewed as a “small piece of a greater picture” that will be unveiled on his debut with each track maintaining it’s own texture and approach while building towards a cohesive story.
“Ruby” is the public’s first interaction with a cornerstone release in the career of one of this generation’s truly special artists.


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