Exalting CHRIST at St. Vincent’s Catholic Charities | COVID-19 Season

“Does He even care that we are perishing?”
Open Air Message from Mark 4:35-41

We had the privelage of bringing the Gospel to a large line of people at the St. Vincent’s Catholic Charities. With the “stay home” orders in effect many folks just simply “stay home-less”. Their only hope before and after this pandemic is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lot’s of scoffing and middle fingers BUT ironically just as many encouraging responses from listeners!

Towards the end, Owen blocked a man’s attempted assault from behind. An employee also came to our vehicle to encourage us and thank us as we were leaving.


Puritan William Gouge: “Death, next to Jesus Christ, you are my best friend. When I die, I am sure to be with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is my rejoicing.”

Richard Baxter: “Christ said ‘When they persecute you in one city, flee to another’ but he never said if they forbid you preaching in any city, or any populace place obey them. He that said ‘Preach the Gospel to every creature’…does not allow us to forsake souls that dwell in cities..”

Street Evangelism – Pandemic – COVID-19 – Reno Nevada – Open-Air Preaching


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