Excellent Work Of Police.Staff Giving Food And Water To Hungry Stray Animals.

Whats Up News & Entertainment TV Channel Special Program Uncut.
Anchor: Shahid Ali Qureshi ( Sr. Journalist)

Whats Up News & Entertainment TV Channel is home to a diverse portfolio of television and digital properties driven by quality news, entertainment and sports programming. Whats Up News & Entertainment TV Channel combines distinctive content with nationwide broadcast distribution and cutting-edge digital properties and data businesses. As it prepared to separate its publishing business, Whats Up News & Entertainment TV Channel acquired Local TV Holdings to become the Hyderabad’s largest independent broadcaster, began the conversion of its superstation widely distributed general entertainment cable channel, as an engine for producing original content. In every aspect of the company, whether in producing critical local news, riveting original programming, or premier sporting events, Whats Up TV engages and connects viewers with must-have content across every distribution platform.

Whats Up TV ( Broadcasting’s multicast network, launched on February 15, 2015 markets across the Hyderabad. Reaching 48% of TV households. What’s Up News & Entertainment Television Channel is developing a slate of in-house programs that promises to engage audiences of Hyderabad talking about the important issues that affect them in areas such as youth development, health, education, the environment, sport, human rights and social justice. In addition we have a number of commercial shows with opportunities for brand exposure. And in future our plan is to expand our channel in two separate wings ones is news 24 hours like other news channels for e.g: – TV5- NTV- and TV-9. And other is full entertainment wings in this complete entertainment programs like songs celebrates gossips old and new movies discussions.


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