Eyes Up Appalachia aims to educate rural Ohioans on human trafficking

Almost half of Ohio’s 32 Appalachian counties are not represented by an anti-human-trafficking coalition, but one new organization is hoping to bridge that gap.

Eyes Up Appalachia is a new anti-human-trafficking organization serving Appalachian Ohio with the goal of educating people about human trafficking and illuminating the issue in rural areas.

Christi Scott Bartman, founder of Eyes Up Appalachia, left her full-time job at American Public University a year and a half ago to start the group and invest more time fighting what she calls an “overwhelmingly wicked problem with so many facets.”

In talking with survivors, Bartman noticed two issues come up again and again: how housing insecurity impacts trafficking and the lack of coalitions in rural Ohio to fight human trafficking and support those ensnared. 

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