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Fallen tree leaves family of 7, homeless


SALISBURY, Md. – A local church is trying to help out a Salisbury family of seven, who had a tree crash through their home, Christmas eve.

Natasha Owens and her five kids were inside of the home when the tree came crashing down.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the home is condemned until it can be fixed.

Allen Memorial Baptist Church, helped get the family into a motel for a few nights, but come Tuesday, they’ll have to find another place else to stay.
Now a volunteer with the church is asking for the community’s help.

“Church is committed to try and help them as much as we can. But we’re also helping a number of families in need right now, so our resources are limited,” says volunteer with Allen Memorial Baptist Church, John Petrey. “The needs far outweigh the resources we have right now and that’s true for Natasha’s case too, I know Natasha’s needs are huge, but we’re confident we serve a big God, and God can do some amazing things when people come together and help so that’s what we’re counting on.”

Natasha Owens, the owner of the home says any help is appreciated right now. Work to repair their home begins tomorrow.
If you would like to help this family, you can contact Allen Memorial Baptist Church at 410-742-2659.


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