Fayetteville child advocates report rise in child abuse amid COVID-19 pandemic


Fayetteville's Child Advocacy Center is reporting an increase in child abuse cases during the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has trapped many people in their homes for fear of catching the virus or spreading it to others. For some, home is a safe haven. But for others, it is a place where they are subject to abuse.

Fayetteville’s Child Advocacy Center has seen an increase in child abuse cases during the pandemic over last year, according to Roberta Humphries, executive director of the agency. 

“So we did see a 20% increase in the number of cases,” Humphries said. “Our fiscal year ended in June ’20. And so from fiscal year ’19-’20, we had a 20% increase in the number of children that we actually saw for allegations of abuse. We definitely saw an increase in the number of allegations of physical abuse cases that came to the center, and we continue to see an increase in the numbers from the numbers that we would have served. And again, those numbers were up with the number of referrals that we received this year versus last year at the same timeframe.”


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