Fayetteville families fall behind on basic bills during coronavirus pandemic, study shows


Lindsey Wofford, executive director of Seth's Wish, says recent financial struggles linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, mean she has been unable to keep rent and other bills current.

Since 2015, Lindsey Wofford has run a local nonprofit agency in Fayetteville that feeds and clothes homeless people.

Ironically, the same people she has helped at Seth’s Wish are now helping her through financial struggles related to the coronavirus economic downturn and a recent divorce, she said.

“I help them out; they help me out,” Wofford said. “It’s been a really cool relationship. Actually, it’s one thing I’m super grateful for. I’ve been able to connect with people in a way that I hadn’t before.’

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Jeff Hudson, who is homeless and has been helped by Seth’s Wish, is now helping Wofford with household chores, like raking leaves, and any other help she needs.


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