Feeding hungry animals on silent streets during lockdown in Udaipur.

Lockdown in India has been so hard for street animals whose normal source of food comes from vendors, leftovers from restaurants or human tiffins, and the kindness of people who casually have the habit of sharing their last roti with a passing dog or cow; who feed the crispy end of their samosa at the chaiwala to the little tail-wagger at his feet; sabjiwalas who offer their damaged fruit and vegetables to whatever big beauty is wandering by. With the lockdown, the streets are silent and most of the usual sources of food for street animals disappeared overnight. Like thousands–perhaps millions–of people across India, we realized a few days into the lockdown that the problem was quickly becoming urgent. As you can see from these faces, each individual is beautifully grateful.
And so are we, to the donors who have provided 2000 chapatis a day and money for the kibble, the rice, the dal, the petrol, and to the animal lovers across India to whom we dedicate this little video.

Every street animal needs friends. Please donate:


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