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Feeding Poor Filipino Slum children

I filmed this video 3 weeks ago before everything was going into lock downs. To this day, David still goes even during lock downs to give food to the kids. Before giving donations to Expat YouTubers going to their pockets, make sure there are legitimate charities in the Philippines. This one is backed by the Rotary Club, Mayor, and Barangay is currently helping for security since people are more hungry.

If anybody wants to Volunteer, they now meet outside the ABC hotel 5 days a week at 3.45pm. The other 2 days we meet at Hensonville bridge at 4.15pm

Facebook Group:

Rotary Club Donation information:
Account Name: Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Krung Thai Bank PLCPattaya Tai Branch
Account Number: 221-0-00980-4SWIFT Code: KRTHTHBK

Please let know how much send and when so he can tell the club to put it in Food relief 4 kids fund (PM Ban Anaman on Facebook or Post in the Facebook group. Thank you for your kindness.


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