Feeding Series with Luisa – Combination Feeding

In this video Luisa speaks about how to combine breast feeding with other forms of feeding to provide nutrition to your baby.

Key points:
-Exploring reasons to combination feed (such as personal choice, medical reason or low milk supply)
– clinicians suggest establishing breast feeding for 3-4 weeks before starting combination feeding.
– Choosing the milk type you want to combine with (expressed, donor human milk or formula, including resources available)
– How to give a feed via bottle and choosing a bottle/teat to suit your baby.
– Potential for bottle preference
– Cup feeding newborns
– Supplemental nursing system (SNS)
– Storing breast milk (Rule of six)

Any breast milk you can provide to your baby is beneficial. Please get in touch for 1:1 support.

If you would like any more help or information about feeding your baby check out the No Milk Like Mamas website – www.nomilklikemamas.co.uk



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