Feeding The Hungry, And How To Do It Better | Special Report, Part 2/2

In a 2018 paper, at least 125 food assistance groups were identified in Singapore. Yet, there are folks in need who still get infrequent or no food support at all – while many elderly beneficiaries receive too much, and sometimes, food aid that’s not suitable.


How are charities and volunteer groups coming up with better solutions to feed the food insecure? How can food waste be used to tackle food insecurity? What kind of food should donors really be giving? 

This is a two-part special report exploring food insecurity, and the efforts to address it in Singapore. WATCH PART 1: Why hunger exists in a first-world food paradise

We hear from The Food Bank Singapore, Free Food From All, Willing Hearts, Food From The Heart, Keeping Hope Alive, Volunteer Switchboard and SG Food Rescue, on the challenges they face.

How you can donate or volunteer:
Food From The Heart:
Food Bank Singapore:
Free Food For All:
Willing Hearts:
National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre:
TOUCH Community Services: To volunteer for Meals-On-Wheels delivery, call 68046565

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