Food For Homeless Beday Ethnic Group – 3 Full Goat Mutton Biryani For Nomadic People By 3 Grandpa

In Bangladesh 98% of Beday Nomadic Ethnic Group people lives under poverty line and 95% of bede child never go to school.

About 100% bede people has not permanent house to live. They make small place using polythene to make home. They don’t have good food to eat in regular.

Last time we feed them 15 KG big carp fish and they want to eat mutton/goat meat from us. For this reason our 70+ years 3 brothers grandpa cook Fakruddin style kacchi biriyani of 3 full goat for Homeless nomadic group bede people.

First 3 grandpa processing & cutting 3 goat into small small size meat. Then they follow the rules of dum kacchi biriyani of Fakruddin. Fakruddin is a famous mutton kacchi biriyani chef in Bangladesh. So this time grandpa cook famous fakruddin style kacchi biriyani for Bede people of village.

After finish cooking they bought the biriyani pot to Bede people living place and open the pot then serve the food to them first then eating together in Van.

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