You are currently viewing Food…Milk…Give Now Mum Anna I Hungry To Much|Look Alba Hand She Show Her Mum That She Need Milk

Food…Milk…Give Now Mum Anna I Hungry To Much|Look Alba Hand She Show Her Mum That She Need Milk

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Food…Milk…Give Now Mum Anna I Hungry To Much,Look Alba Hand She Show Her Mum That She Need Milk

Dear All Viewer:My Channel is show about the monkey life in jungle of my country (ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE).We would like to share you about Monkeys Habit like:Activity all day,eat,sleep,new baby born and new event too.
Let me tell all of you about monkey team.There are Five Teams Of Monkey: Ameri Troop,Amber,Cabzila And Mila Troop the last one is no name(Forest monkey team).

-MACUS is king and Dolly is Alpha (Dolly Was Death And She Has New Baby Born Name DALTON Born On 15|12|2020).
-Acheb and Felix are second leader
-PoPeye has new baby Polino brother of fat monkey SweetPea(Popeye Was Death On03|01|20).
-Dana(Was Took By WLA To Phom Tamou) Has baby Name Daniela(was death by santra attack)
-Merry(was Missing) and Marria has baby Maci &Maddix
-Ashly waiting new baby coming soon
-Skippe Is new Member just coming
-Jill Was Delivery On 4|11|19 Baby Name JILLA
-DD Was Give Birth Baby Name DELENA
-Kari Was Missing On 03|01|20


-MAKE is King And Queen &Daichi are alpha
-Roy and Louke are second leader
-June Has Two baby name Julena (Julina Has Skin Diease)
-Jane Was New Baby (JANNA) Monkey On 8|11|19
-Jade Was Delivery On 24|11|19 Baby Name Jayden
-Daisy Was Delivery Her Baby Name DAX
-Scarlet Was New Baby Name SAMI
-Violet Has New Baby Born Name VIKKI
-Butter Has New Baby Name BUTTON
-April Has Two Baby Alex& Asia
-Diamond Has Three Baby Nanada Devid&Dustin(Just Born)
-Glaadie Has Two Baby Name Gorge&Gavin(Born On 09|01|20)
-Blacky Has Two Baby Name Barbi&Bevin(Born On 10|01|20)
-Brianna Give Birth Baby Name Baon


-Barlu And Fluvi Are king &Juliro Is Alpha
-Golero Is Alpha In Cabzila Troop.
-Liela Has Sweet Baby Lola(My Queen Baby Monkey Lola Was Took By WLA To Tamou Mountain).
-Chara Has new tiny baby Charlee(Was Gone)
-Tara has baby Toni(was Death)
-Tara Give On 9|2|20

-LION is top king love all baby monkey
-Rack and Old King are Second leader
-Lichy has cute baby monkey Lizza(My Angel Baby Monkey Was Gone)
-Coco Was Death Her Baby Name Copper
-There are 14 babys monkey that has similar age like:Alie,Soryia,Copper,Cody,Farrah,Nieno,Nelson,Oppie…….caleno.


Has 8 Member In Small Family
-Toma Has Adorable Baby Tobias
-Alma Has New Baby ALBA(Born 21|12|2020)

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