Footage: Passers-by rescue rape victim locked in a suitcase

A woman was saved by passers-by after being raped, beaten and locked in a suitcase on Monday, in central China’s Xiangtan city, Hunan Province.
After the victim’s cries for help were heard by passers-by, the male suspect, who intended to throw the suitcase into the nearby lake, attempted to flee the scene by jumping into the water. In video footage captured by one passer-by, a man can be seen slowly moving towards the case and saying “there is a naked woman inside.” The woman was rescued, while another man took off his shirt for her to wear. The suspect, who had been in the lake for more than one hour, was caught by an angry crowd and police on the bank.
Local police announced on Tuesday that the suspect and the woman were neighbors. After being threatened and physically assaulted, the woman was raped by the suspect. To cover up his vicious crime, the suspect put the unconscious woman into the suitcase and intended to throw her into the lake.
The victim is in a stable condition, according to police. The suspect is in police custody.

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