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Former Cult Member Speaks Out: Shayla Hudson Speaks About Apostle David E Taylor

Link to Shayla Hudson’s channel:

All video footage posted on my channel is posted with permission from Shayla herself.
Shayla has the same goal as those of us who are trying to expose this cult. We hope the exposure will save people in the future from joining the cult and getting hurt. We are also hoping that by exposing this cult and it’s leader, David E Taylor, that it will save any new families from being broken apart.

*+*+*Scroll down to the bottom of the description for links to some of my best videos proving that this so called “ministry” is actually a “CULT”.

Fair use Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.
Fair use is not an infringement of copyright.

This channel is for educational and criticism purposes only!!
All my content is found on the public domain. I follow the fair use dealings and fair use guidelines with my opinions and news that I report to my subscribers about the topic of Apostle David E Taylor and the JMMI cult.

I do not own the clips used of “Apostle David E Taylor or the staff of JMMI Ministries International” used for this video. The clips are being used under fair use act of 1976 to educate my audience on the subject of cults.

Many of the clips I post of on my channel are from the now terminated youtube channel “Miracles in America”.

Credit: The former “Miracles in America”
Channel. YouTube terminated their channel on 3/14/2021

***Others channels exposing David E Taylor as a cult leader. Please visit the links below*********

“Apostle David E Taylor: Full Frontal Exposure”
Channel who does research on the cult and the possible (alleged) scams being run within it. The channel owner also does funny phone calls to the cult staff.

“Shaun Williams” (explains the scriptural misinformation given by David):

“Coco Chanel” does a great job explailing the current court case and the documents:

Comedy channel by Lord Pender:

Please friend this page. It is not run by me, but by a friend from the Netherlands.
Please check it out:
“Apostle David E Taylor JMMI Cult Watch”

Link to my “Cult Watch” channel:

*******To KOGGC/JMMI Members********
If you are part of JMMI and the ministry of Apostle David E Taylor, please educate yourself on the subject of cults. At the very least, you would be learning about the topic, even if you disagree that JMMI is a cult. If you find yourself in a corner and don’t know how to even initiate freedom from David and JMMI, there are charities that can help you financially and psychologically to start a new life. I really hope and pray you and many others find a way out of David’s ministry very, very soon!

Financial assistance to escape a cult:

No one should ever hit or verbally assault you for asking a question or doing research.

Regarding the Deposition: David claims the deposition video was altered and edited; here is the link to the legal document of the written transcript of the full deposition. There was no video editing at all. It’s the exact same words from the video.

Check out this link to see scriptures that have guided me on this path of making videos about David. Scripture encourages us to expose false teachers. I believe with my whole heart that David is a false teacher.

To contact me, please email:


Worldwide banks flagging David’s cult bank accounts:

Cult telling people to empty their checking accounts:

Stopping meds/chemo to pay David:

Obey David:

David saying he is the real “King of the world”:

David calls himself Moses and bridge from Heaven to earth:

David scaring people of going to hell for not paying the church:

David talking about breaking up families:

David being verbally abusive to staff:


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