Former Sex Trafficking Victim From North Texas Rebekah Charleston Pardoned By President Trump – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas woman and victim of sex trafficking was granted a full pardon by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Dec. 23.

“Rebekah Charleston’s pardon is supported by her friends, family, and even the Special Agent who arrested her in 2006 for tax evasion,” the statement from the president’s press secretary said.

It went on to say, “Ms. Charleston is a victim of sex trafficking who has suffered a litany of abuses and endured a life of forced prostitution. Despite these hardships, Ms. Charleston has become a champion for survivors of all crimes, particularly sex trafficking. She obtained a master’s degree in criminal justice and has worked tirelessly to give a voice to the voiceless victims of sex trafficking. Ms. Charleston volunteers much of her time helping those who are currently or have previously been victims.

Rebekah Charleston (CBS 11 News)

“I was trafficked through Nevada’s legal brothels and it’s time to say no more,” said Charleston in Dallas in March 2019.

Charleston became the executive director of Valiant Hearts, a ministry dedicated to helping “human trafficking” victims.

“Our hope is just to meet them where they are and say ‘hey if you guys ever want help getting out, we’re here.’ ”

The term “human trafficking” was almost unheard of in 2006 when the CBS 11 I-Team first reported on Charleston.

The I-Team uncovering details about a secret prostitution ring operating out of an upscale neighborhood in Denton.

She was among those arrested.

Fast forward to 2018, Charleston and one of the other women reunited in our studios to set the record straight.

They say they were not criminals, but rather victims.

They say they were sex slaves — beaten, brainwashed and battered into a living hell in that Denton home — forced into sex trafficking there, in Las Vegas and all of over the country.



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