Franklin Qu play piano at Autism Day Concert

Franklin Qu play piano music Ocean Roar and jazz music Campton at Franklin Foundation 2011 World Autism Day Charity Concert in San Marino, California on April 2rd,2011 .

Franklin Qu, 9 year old now, he was diagnosed with mild autism when he was 3 years old. Through long-term cooperation with autism experts regarding his education and training, thankfully, his symptoms of autism have been improving.

He was 7 years old were found to have a high musical talent. He is currently studying piano under the tutelage of Professor Betty Oaka. He often to participate in training and learning, he likes to play piano for the audience. And get the audience love and support.

Franklin Foundation was founded by John Qu and his wife Jane in 2008. The foundation is named after their son, who was also diagnosed with autism. Besides holding charity concerts, Franklin Foundation also organizes events for experts and parents to exchange experiences.


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