Fun Popcorn Bar Ideas (Cheap & Easy)


Popcorn bars are a fun idea for family movie nights, game nights, or weddings. I wouldn’t have thought of a popcorn bar for a wedding reception, but a friend’s son had one at his wedding reception and it was a hit. They ordered their popcorn from a local company that employs people with special needs. You can order your popcorn premade or have a DIY popcorn bar.

What to Serve with Popcorn 

A Hot Chocolate Bar is the perfect thing to go with a popcorn bar in the winter. In cold weather, hot apple cider is another great choice. Summer lemonade is perfect.

If you want more food any kind of finger food is a good option to serve with popcorn.

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popcorn in containers

What Kind of Popcorn is Used for Popcorn Bars?

I always prefer white over yellow popcorn. I like the texture and flavor better of the white corn. You can have a big bowl of plain popcorn and do different toppings and seasonings.

An even more fun idea is to have different kinds of popcorn like a bowl of plain popcorn (especially nice if you have a lactose intolerant or someone watching their calories in the group), a bowl of buttered popcorn, a bowl of caramel corn, and a bowl of marshmallow popcorn.

How Do You Make the Best Popcorn Bar?

  1. Lots of varieties
  2. Something sweet like M & Ms or Skittles
  3. Cheese, parmesan cheese, is my favorite with garlic
  4. Try this complete seasoning kit the bacon cheddar looks really interesting
  5. Plain butter
  6. Garlic butter
  7. Something salty like salt, garlic salt, or pretzels

What Kind of Candy goes on a popcorn bar?

You can use anything that is smaller than a popped popcorn kernel that won’t melt with the warmth of the popcorn. Or choose something that might melt like chocolate or peanut butter chips and be prepared for a mess. If you are choosing things that melt I’d have the popcorn outside.

Good cany choices are M&Ms, Skittles, and gummy bears.

What are Good Toppings at a Popcorn Bar?

  1. Butter
  2. Garlic butter
  3. Chocolate
  4. Salted carmel

Why Choose a Popcorn Bar?

Most people like popcorn. It is so easy to make and cheap. You can make your popcorn bar as fancy or simple as you want. The simplest is probably a bowl of plain popcorn and a bowl of buttered popcorn with a bunch of different seasonings like this.

Other easy ideas for a group gathering are an appetizer potluck and a hot cocoa bar.

How Do You Decorate for a Popcorn Bar?

Decorating for a popcorn bar is easy. Use fun signs and containers. You can make your own signs or get them premade from Etsy. Use fun containers as serving bowls and individual serving containers. Metal tubs or bushel baskets are fun containers if you are serving a big group like a graduation party or wedding reception.

For individual serving containers a popcorn box or tub like you get at the movies is fun. For smaller groups, any large bowl makes a good serving bowl. If you are doing this for a large group renting or buying a popcorn machine will really uplevel your popcorn bar. A popcorn machine is worth the investment if this is something you will be doing often for a scout or church youth group.

Are Popcorn Bars a Good Idea for Wedding Receptions?

Popcorn bars are becoming more popular for wedding receptions or wedding favors. If you are doing a popcorn bar for a wedding reception there are a lot of ways to make it more elegant. Try having a popcorn machine and as a bonus, it will smell fantastic.

Popcorn Machine


Fun Individual containers

Beautiful popcorn serving containers

When can I do a Popcorn Bar?

  1. Family movie night
  2. Game night with friends
  3. Family game night
  4. Girl or Boy Scout event
  5. Church youth group or lock-in
  6. Graduation party
  7. Birthday party
  8. Baby shower
  9. Wedding reception

I hope you enjoy all the popcorn bar ideas. I’d love to hear your ideas about making a fun popcorn bar.



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