Gainesville’s Jerome Elam sounds alarm about human trafficking


The pain, horror and suffering as a child — the victim of human trafficking — are memories that Jerome Elam will never escape.

But it is his work, as an adult, as president and CEO of Trafficking in America Task Force, that is his passion.

For seven years, from age 5 to 12, he says he was trafficked in a pedophile ring.

“I’m thankful every day that I’m actually here,” said Elam, 56, married with two children and a resident of Gainesville since 1992. “I am very fortunate that I did survive. As men, it is a difficult time coping with any trauma, and overcoming that took a lot of hard work.”

Elam had an alcoholic, abusive biological father and even darker stepfather, who used him initially for child pornography and eventually introduced him to the pedophile ring.


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