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Gang sex-trafficked woman found dead in Broome Park three years ago


FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) – (11/6/2020) – It’s been three years since the disturbing discovery of two human skulls at Flint’s Broome Park.

Earlier this year, ABC12 News was the first to report the FBI finally identified who those skulls belonged to — two Flint women whose families had reported them missing, Claudia Wilson and Misty-Dawn Kerrison-Steiber.

But on this 3-year anniversary, multiple questions still remain surrounding their deaths.

“When we’re quiet, people forget,” Misty’s Mom, Becky Beck said. “And these girls have children, they have families. They’re human.”

The grieving mother is asking if you know anything about her daughter’s disappearance or murder, please speak up.

There’s already a spot in Beck’s home for her daughter’s ashes. She even paid for her funeral nearly two years ago. But, Beck said she hasn’t been able to celebrate Misty-Dawn Kerrison-Steiber’s life.

“The closure’s gotta start at some point. And it can’t even start when you don’t — when you can’t lay them to rest properly. You can’t even start to heal,” she explained. “So, it’s really important that people speak up.”

In June, Beck revealed one of the two skulls found in Flint’s Broome Park in November 2017 was her daughter’s.

Shortly after, the FBI confirmed the second skull belongs to 41-year-old Claudia Wilson, who was last heard from in August 2017.

Beck said no one had heard from Misty after she called her son the first week of September 2017. So, she believes her daughter was killed shortly after.

Beck said the rest of Misty and Claudia may still be out there somewhere, but she’s not sure she wants to know exactly how the women became skulls.

“I don’t think Misty went down quietly because my daughter was strong and she is a fighter,” she explained.

Beck said she’s also certain Misty was targeted. She shared a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice which revealed, “Misty was a victim of human trafficking by a violent gang in the Flint area. Misty was cooperating with Law Enforcement.”

With this confirmation, Beck said she believes Misty was killed because she spoke up about a crime.

Flint Police isn’t commenting on the letter. But, the Chief said detectives continue to follow up on any leads.

“It’s very serious,” Chief Terence Green said. “It involves people in the community that are still fearful that this occurred. Even though it was three years ago, to some people it feels as though they occurred last week. And everyone wants answers, including investigators.”

Chief Green took over the Flint Police Department in August. But, he said, he’s known Beck for a while, from his time as Mt. Morris Township’s Chief.

He attended a vigil last month for her daughter. He explained they talk often.

“We have not forgotten about her daughter. This is not a cold case. Any tips that come in, we’re following those leads,” the Chief added.

When asked where the case stands, he said he couldn’t comment further.

Beck has trust in Chief Green. She is hopeful the people responsible will eventually be held accountable.

“I pray every day that they do. It’s scary to think that they’re out there. They’re out there, they’re walking amongst me and you,” she said.

If you have any information about this case, you’re urged to call Crime Stoppers of Flint and Genesee County. You will remain anonymous.

The women, both mothers, were last seen in the area of Fenton and Atherton roads on Flint’s south side. It’s an area several other women have been reported missing from. Chief Green added his officers are paying attention.

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