Getting Back To The Basics Of Breastfeeding With @The Famous Mommy

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0:00 Ad Introduction
4.0 Guest intro
31.5 How guest start her YouTube channel
3:35 about breast feeding
4:55 Feedback for channel
6:32 what’s mother’s problem with breast feeding
12:12 what comment guest get from people
30:14 find out about guest The Famous Mommy

In this episode, we have a conversation with Jay “The Famous Mommy”. Jay has a Youtube channel where she provides breastfeeding education and real-life documentaries educating parents on the art of breastfeeding and raising children.

Understanding the intricacies of human lactation without the proper resources is challenging. Jay is committed to making this information accessible to those who need it so that they can make healthy and informed decisions about the well-being of their children.

Join us now to learn more about:

1. What “nipple confusion” is, and how it happens.
2. The dangers of bottle feeding and pacifying.
3. When and how to establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship with your child.
4. How natural breastfeeding is environmentally friendly.
5. Other essential breastfeeding tips.

You can learn more about Jay “The Famous Mommy” by visiting her educational Youtube channel here and her website here!

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