Give Food to Baby Anissa for Drinks when She Hungry

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.My name is SES SAMDARA ( Sex Male, Age 28 year_Old, I’m Single, I am a
Photographer at Siem Reap Angkor Province )

.Today I want to show you about

.My Channel (Public Monkey) Want to Show Everyone about Monkey that living by
naturally in Cambodia and That no one hurt, We always help when all monkey are in
danger and hungry food, All of these monkeys live natural
Thay always go out for food in the morning time 5:00 AM and Thay always go back
to bad at 6:00 PM
We photographers is really love all these monkeys so much because they are my
friends Looks so interested and Attractive activities,

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.This is name Monkeys that i filmed
* Playlists of Monkeys
* Group Alba (8 Monkeys)
.Aron ( King) – Anna (Queen)
.Jonathan (Tachas) (M)
.Anna (F) & Children -Alba- Anissa
.Toma (F) & Children-Tobias- Tonya ( Death)
* Group Amber
.Marcus (King) – Daiysy (Queen)
.Daisy & Children-April-Dax-Dito
.Jane & Children- tezana- Janet-Janna-Jody
.Jade & Children-Jolina-jinx
.April & Children-Alexandra-Asia-Anya
.Brinana & Children-Bronx-Baron
.Diamond & Children-Davit
.Ros & Children-Rex
.Queen & Children-Valentin
*Group Amri
.Mark (King) Maria (Queen)
.Jill & Children- Jilla-jason
.DeeDee & Children-Delena-Deidra
.Maria & Children-Mia
.Tima & Children-Timo

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