Giving Help to Poor Filipinos in the Philippines: This Family Moved from Manila to the Province.

Practicing my rights to report, for a freedom of speech and expression of opinion, according to the 1987 Constitution – Bill of Rights.


Again, thank you very much to all who contribute to our cause.

To anyone who wants to contribute: Contribute through our campaign page.
Our GoFundMe account:

You can also contribute through paypal.
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We need your continued support…..

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We need your continued support so we can continue this humble program of ours.
We need people like you so we can reach poor Filipino families, one at a time.

I’ve been helping and reaching my fellow Filipinos for more than a decade, since 2006, but without recording it on film.
I just decided to film the activities we do in 2015 to spread awareness.
This time guys: I need your help. I need your helping hands to give joy to Filipino families, one at a time.

How it works:
Your contribution goes straight to the individual/family we reach/help.
After we reached/helped 1 individual/family: We then move on to help another.
Our objective is to reach 1 economically poor individual/family, one at a time.

Thank you very much…



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