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Giving milk to my hungry kitten

This is one of my kitten, named TOFU (I was naming him Puci but I think I want to change it). It seems like his mother doesn’t have enough milk, so Tofu feels hungry all the time.
This is how I give him the milk on my daily routine.

Hi, my name is Moti from Indonesia. I have 13 cats at home.

Basically, i’m an animal lover, but i get attached to cats since the beginning.
I’m not an organization, not a shelter also, but i always wanted to feed or rescue animals in the street.

My dream is to be able to build a shelter for animals, and have a team to run the shelter. And of course, the big goal is, to fight animal cruelty in all over the world.

This channel is about all the cats in my house, and also about feeding and rescuing stray cats.

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It would mean a lot to us.

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