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Golden Drive Homeless Kids’ gift drive helps brings cheer to community


local non-profit partners with shelters and business to raise awareness for homeless youth

FARGO, N.D. — The Golden Drive Homeless Kids Christmas Gift Event is helping bring Christmas cheer to children of all ages living in local homeless shelters.

“We’re 100 percent non-profit. Our mission is awareness, to raise awareness. that’s our core mission. Everything that is donated from day one everything goes right back into this community to our homeless children.” Golden Drive Homeless Kids founder Susan Baron said.

The founder of the non-profit started this gift event back in 2012 with an idea.

“I started this with one simple coloring crayon. One day I just picked up a crayon put it in my apron and the thought was to save crayons and buy some coloring books and drop them off at a shelter and it was then that I knew it’s not that people don’t care it’s that people don’t know,” Baron said.

Baron says many people forget about the children. Especially teenagers when it comes to homelessness and she is making sure those voices don’t go unnoticed this holiday season.

“Like our teens they’re considered the hidden, the invisible because people just don’t think much when they think of the homeless you know. The teens the older they probably think they can survive a little bit more but it doesn’t matter the age. If you’re homeless it is a terrible situation,” Baron said.

The non-profit is working with shelters and businesses throughout town placing collection boxes to collect as many gifts and essential items as possible.

“This year we’ll be just working directly with the shelters and we do have several great businesses that are still taking boxes, we’re going to do a lot more food this year, a lot more hygiene product, there will be definitely gifts you know the fun stuff for the kids,” Baron said.

For more information on the Golden Drive Homeless Kids non-profit, click here.


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