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Gongdora – Invisible People (Official Video)

Gongdoraは東京在住のソングライター / プロデューサー。

2018年4月25日発売のデビューアルバム ‘Entrance’ (MIDI Creative) より。


– ノガミカツキ

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— LYRICS (English translation) —

Heard someone murmuring like a drizzle
Wetting my shoulders without noticing

(You can’t see, even if it’s there)

If you are deceived by the beauty of the ring
They will close the gate with a secret grin

Swept away by the raging crowd
Searching for a place to sleep

The mirror reflecting her red makeup
Rolling a candy inside her mature mouth

Don’t disappear
Be with someone who can tell you how to dream

Look carefully, and you will see the stars
Remaining in the twilight


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